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In addition to the UC application, applicants are required to submit a supplemental application. When we emerge from grief to continue with our lives, do we thereby accept our loss as tolerable? The Cognitive Science major is a designated capstone major.

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Required by end of spring before transfer: One year of college level coursework in the declared language OR at least one year of high school in which the primary language of instruction was the declared language.

Organizational psychology is the application of techniques of assessment, prediction, and intervention to areas of human resources in organizations, including, but not limited to, standard personnel selection and training, attitude assessments and interventions, and program evaluations. For instance, one recent graduate paired business economics with Chinese to prepare for global business. Significant Figures in Philosophy of Science: Einstein.

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UCLA Admissions In evaluating applications, UCLA places the highest importance on academic achievement. If you only attended a California community college, you will not be considered in senior standing. How can we know what the world is like?

Developmental psychology is the study of intellectual development, emerging personality, and the acquisition of language, as well as psychophysiological and social development processes as individuals develop from birth through old age.

Each of the seven colleges has its own theme, general education requirements, traditions, and student body; so be sure to rank the colleges based on your preference.

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  • Capstone: Living a Meaningful Literary Life.
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