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If the current definition of a Site Condominium will remain intact, we would propose that the Insurance Waiver be revised and codified to the extent of allowing the air space above a unit to likewise be deemed as common area.

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The board gets it is required. No way that if a decision not be as including project are condominium declaration flexible pdf file. Unit owners that install fireplace inserts must utilize chimney liners when venting their inserts. Your COC may be incentivized tosettle your matter in order to avoid future expensive attorney fees.

This brings up another issue. The Act maintains the Uniform Act numberingsystem but discards the subsection and article headings. Advance preparation is needed to ensure accuracy and to project the people involved as effectual. No provision of the declaration shall be revised or amended by reference to its titleor number only.

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If the unit owner remains in possession of the unit after a foreclosure judment has been entered, the court, in its discretion, may require the unit owner to pay a reasonable rental for the unit.

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